Don't just take my word for it...

Here are some kind words about Relax & Renew that a few of my clients have graciously submitted:


“I have had the blessing of experiencing the healing touch of massage from Sarah Groskopf. As a Somatic Arts and Movement Therapist, I am extremely selective as to the practitioners I use for myself and my clients at Grace Pilates. Sarah Groskopf is a gifted massage therapist with amazing technical skills, good understanding and wide breadth of knowledge about the body. Most importantly, Sarah has wonderful intuition, which makes every session complete and inspired. I recommend Sarah's massage for anyone, from people who are injured and rehabilitating to athletes who want to increase their body awareness improve their performance, or for people who simply want to be nurtured. Thank you Sarah!”
— Ana Rahe, Pilates Instructor & Therapist


“Sarah has helped me overcome aches and pain that I thought I would never be rid of. I appreciate the time she takes to take cater to my health. Massage is the perfect antidote to a crazy stressful week. Myself and my staff at HandyDan recommend Sarah.”
— Daniel Hernandez, Professional Handyman


“I felt immediately at ease with Sarah, she interviewed me to make sure she was fully aware of my needs and any physical issues. Sarah's professionalism and skill have prompted me to give my clients the treat of a massage as a thank you gift when we close escrow.”
— Donna Aldrich, Mortgage Broker


“Sarah is professional, accommodating and very thorough.  I will continue to recommend Sarah to family and friends.”
— V.C., CPA