About Sarah Groskopf, CMT

As a college athlete at San Francisco State University, I was under the impression that the pain and injuries that I suffered were permanent. It wasn't until after I received my first massage, as a massage student, that I became ecstatic at discovering its healing power.

Receiving regular massage strengthened my joints, helping to recover from my old injuries.  As the pain began to subside, I only wished I had known about massage sooner, certainly while I was a practicing athlete.

Becoming a professional therapist was a natural fit for me!  I graduated with honors at the top of my class as I completed over 720 hours of training.  Shortly afterwards I opened Relax and Renew Massage. 

As a massage therapist it is my privilege to aid the body in its direction towards better well-being.  Massage is a powerful tool for sustaining life's many stresses in today's busy world. Massage has brought me the understanding that the body knows how to heal itself.